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Family life and parental illness

Parental life-limiting illness is not prejudiced and can (and does) affect any family without warning. The consequences for the patient must be really hard – but what about their children? They too are living with the illness, they too have fears, worries and one hundred and one other emotions – but who it there for […]

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The wait is nearly over!

After four months of writing, two months proof reading (thank you to the kind folk who took the time to read and re-read the book for me) and seven weeks at the printers Our Family and IT is about to be published. It has been the most amazing journey and one that I never thought […]

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Our Family and IT

Life-limiting illness is not prejudiced and can (and does) affect any family. Our Family and IT is a novel about what happens to a family when a mother is diagnosed with a life-limiting Illness. The chapters are written by the different family members and take the reader on a journey. IT becomes the uninvited guest […]

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My Novel – why this book?

I have been busy for the last few months writing a novel about family life and life-limiting illness. I am going down the self-publishing route and hopefully, next week, it will be off to the printers! I thought I would write a little about the inspiration behind it. For some years now I have been […]

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#Time to Talk Day

Today is #Time to Talk day – a chance for us all to be more open about mental health. I really hope the day is a great success and as a result of it people start to feel more able to talk and listen about mental health and mental wellbeing. Children and young people who […]

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We all have a story to tell

This is National Storytelling Week. When I started out in my career as a young nursery nurse I used to love story time. For me it represented a time of magical thinking and the opportunity to spend quiet time with the children after a busy, noisy session in nursery. Today, the older (much) and wiser […]

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School and Parental Life-limiting Illness

Today is the first day back to school for the majority of children across the UK following the Christmas holidays. For many I am sure there will be that Monday morning feeling that we all have experienced at some point in our education or careers. But I wonder how many are going back with the […]

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Back to School

As the new school year begins I have been thinking about the numerous emotions children are likely to be feeling this week. There is possibly excitement and anticipation along with fear and uncertainty. For children just starting out on their education journey there is possibly the fear of the unknown along with concerns about leaving […]

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Social Support Services

In my last post I began to make an informed estimate about how many children in the UK are living with a parent who has a life-limiting illness. I started to question the availability of support for this community of children and their families and posed the rhetorical question about whether support would be of […]

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Why Numbers Matter 2

In an earlier post I wrote about statistics and how we can only begin to estimate how many children and young people are living with a parent who has a life-limiting illness. Today I’ve been doing a bit more research and found an article which reports that 24% of adults with cancer have children under […]

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