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Our Family and IT

Rachel Fearnley
Our Family and IT

Life-limiting illness is not prejudiced and can (and does) affect any family. Our Family and IT is a novel about what happens to a family when a mother is diagnosed with a life-limiting Illness. The chapters are written by the different family members and take the reader on a journey. IT becomes the uninvited guest in the family and as the story develops the frustrations, anxieties and impact all become very real. What does the mother say to her six year old when she asks the question that no mother ever wants to be asked? How does the fourteen year cope with the illness while struggling with the typical angst of a teenager? I have written this, not because I have aspirations to be the next bestselling author (although that would be brilliant – in my dreams!), but because I want to get this important issue on the agenda. The impact on family life and children can be devastating; all that was normal is no longer normal and family life as it was known inevitably changes. My sincere hope is that the book will start to get people talking about a subject that we generally would prefer to ignore. I am passionate that as a society we should not be ignoring this anymore and children and their families should get support to help them manage a very difficult situation.


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