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The wait is nearly over!

Rachel Fearnley
The wait is nearly over!

After four months of writing, two months proof reading (thank you to the kind folk who took the time to read and re-read the book for me) and seven weeks at the printers Our Family and IT is about to be published. It has been the most amazing journey and one that I never thought I would make until last August. I need to thank my husband for suggesting that a novel might be the way forward. I think he was probably right… I was reflecting back about the process of writing and how, most of the time, it was really easy. I never hit ‘writers block’ and although sometimes the content was so emotive I had to stand back and take a deep breath it was generally a pleasure to sit in front of the computer and let the story unfold. So the story of Williamson family and life-limiting illness is about to be made public. The family is, of course, not real but the experiences, changes and challenges they face are very real and I think a lot of people in similar circumstances will be able to relate to what they are going through. In the next few days the first batch of books should be available to buy. Let the journey continue!


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