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Professional Development

Rachel brings together her practice, experience, knowledge and skills to provide a range of professional development services including learning and development, teaching in HEIs, project development and project evaluation.

Learning & Development

The aim of the workshops / lectures / training is to raise awareness and understanding of the impact on children when a parent (or significant carer) has been diagnosed with a physical illness that is potentially life-limiting. Rachel’s teaching style is informal based on practice and drawing upon theory and research. Participants are encouraged to engage in activities including case studies to help enhance their learning.
The sessions include:

  • The impact of parental life-limiting illness on children.
  • The impact of parental life-limiting illness on family life.
  •  The impact on the patient / parent.
  •  Issues that children experience and how as professionals we can support them.
  • Working with families when a parent has a life-limiting illness.
  •  Communication.
  • Child development and dying and death (how children, at different ages, typically react and respond to the illness and death).
  • Family support.
  • Staff care.

Please contact Rachel about training packages available and your training needs.


‘Brilliant, thank you’
‘Good mix of group work, discussion and listening’
‘I think it was delivered in a good way, keeping my concentration throughout the session by talking about different things as well as using different methods’
‘It kept my attention throughout – quite a depressing subject so it could have been tempting to switch off but I didn't!’
‘Very good session, benefited a lot in terms of knowledge of the subject’
‘Thoroughly useful, informal, informative and enjoyable’
'Very good and the delivery was of an excellent standard'

Project Development

Rachel’s wealth of practical experience along with her management skills and academic knowledge means that the bespoke support she can offer projects includes:

  • Writing policies – supporting staff to write policies about managing dying and death within the setting / project or Rachel to write the document on the team’s behalf.
  • Bespoke training where the focus is dying, death and bereavement.
  • Consultancy – for staff that are working with families where there is life limiting illness or there has been a death within the setting / project.
  • Presentations to Local Authorities about managing dying and death within settings.

Project Evaluation

Rachel combines her experience of being a practitioner and manager along with her research knowledge to evaluate projects / services.

Within the current climate of evidence based practice, having an independent evaluation of the work offers robust evidence about the quality of service provision, the strengths and the areas that may value from additional input. These findings can be invaluable when applying for new funding or evidencing your practice to existing funders*. The findings may also provide additional evidence of the outcomes during inspections.

Project evaluations will offer an unbiased account that is based on facts derived from many sources during the evaluation process. Rachel’s primary role will be to provide an independent service that is based on information gathered during the process.

* Please note the evaluation does not guarantee successful funding applications but rather provides evidence of work undertaken.


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